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Freelance SEO Consultant & Content Marketing Coach

SEO & Content Marketing Coaching, Consultancy & Courses for UK Small Businesses

I'm Rhiannon, a freelance SEO consultant and content marketing coach based in the UK. I help committed, passionate and open-minded small business owners increase visibility, build credibility and drive leads and sales through search engine optimisation (SEO) and blogging. As an SEO and content marketing consultant, I do not offer fully-managed, done-for-you services. Instead, I work alongside my clients to help them strategise, create and optimise written website content that helps them get their businesses found online and drive organic growth.


Even if you aren't tech-savvy or you don't enjoy writing, I can support you with your written content and SEO efforts. My offers range from one-off, super-focused power hours and self-study courses, to three-month SEO consultancy services and flexible monthly content coaching packages.


Ready to make your website and blog content work for you? Book your FREE 30-minute Discovery Call to discuss your SEO and content marketing with me and explore my offer suite.

About Purple Horse | Freelance SEO Consultant & Content Marketing Coach

The Purple Horse brand covers Purple Horse Marketing, Purple Horse Planners and Purple Horse Marketing Academy. 

SEO & Content Marketing Consultancy & Coaching

Purple Horse Marketing is where you will find my blog and information and bookings for my services. My blog offers free guides on SEO and blogging for small businesses, so you can start getting found online for free,  right now. This is also where you can book free Discovery Calls, Power Hours, SEO Audits and more for your small business. 

Small Business & Marketing Planners

Purple Horse Planners is my e-commerce business. Since 2021, I have created planners, journals and other stationery products specifically for the equestrian market. My range is gradually expanding to include products for small business owners, including my flagship Business Planner.

Online Content Marketing Courses

Purple Horse Marketing Academy is the latest addition to the Purple Horse brand. The Academy emerged from my desire to help small business owners take advantage of what SEO and blogging have to offer without having to invest in a six-month service contract. I aim to cut through the fluff and help small business owners understand how to grow online simply by sharing their passion and expertise with the world. Blogging for Small Business is available to purchase with lifetime access for just £47.

About Me

Rhiannon, Freelance SEO Consultant & Content Marketing Consultant

I've been helping UK small business owners maximise their websites, SEO and blog content since 2020. I want to help you transform your website into a free source of valuable content that promotes your business 24/7. Whether you want to be more visible in Google, build credibility with your target audience or drive organic traffic, leads and sales, through your website, I am ready to help.

rhiannon freelance seo consultant and content consultant

SEO & Content Coaching Products & Services

Intensive SEO & Content Marketing Consultancy


£2,250 or £750 PCM | 3 Month Contract

For UK-based businesses who need SEO and marketing support, but do not have an in-house marketing team.

I'm here to help you strategise, brainstorm ideas, act as a sounding board and carry out marketing tasks.

10 hours of support, consultancy, accountability and assistance including 1:1 Zoom calls.

Book your FREE 30 minute Discovery Call

1:1 SEO & Content Marketing Power Hour


For small business owners, freelancers and independent professionals who want laser-focused support in a short, sharp burst.


One hour on Zoom with me to get clear on your SEO or blog writing actions for this week or this month.

Know that your website content strategy is taking your small business in the right direction, and get support, feedback and accountability when you need it!

Explore Power Hours

Small Business SEO & Content Marketing Courses

From £47 for Lifetime Access

If you are doing your own small business marketing and need super affordable marketing help, my online self-study courses are just for you.

Learn online, on your schedule. Unlock the power of your website with my beginners' courses.

Blogging for Small Business is available at just £47 for lifetime access.

Visit the Purple Horse Marketing Academy

Flexible Content Marketing Coaching


£99 PCM | Monthly Rolling Contract

Get your monthly blog article done and dusted with my flexible monthly support service.  

For busy freelancers and small business owners who want support and accountability without a big financial commitment.

Monthly Zoom call, bespoke templates, feedback and optimisation all in one flexible package.

Book your FREE 30 minute Discovery Call

SEO Audits


£250 (includes a 1:1 Power Hour)

Invest in the key first step in your SEO or blog marketing strategy: a full SEO website audit.

Find out where your website is now, and what you can do to get it where you want it. I can identify your keyword rankings, technical issues and opportunities. There's no need to get started without a plan in mind! 

Includes a full audit, bespoke report, actionable recommendations and a 1:1 Power Hour.

Discover SEO Audits

5 Blog Article Templates


Tired of staring at the blank page? Beat the procrastination with my downloadable blog article templates! Designed for beginners, these templates will help you create unique, shareable content for your website.

Discover how to use educational content, gift guides and listicles to increase your visibility, credibility and sales. 

Create hundreds of blog articles for your website with 5 easy-to-use templates.

Download My Blog Article Templates

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is what helps a website to appear in the search engine results when people search for relevant keywords. A keyword could be a single word, phrase or question, which your target audience could use when actively seeking products or services, or when looking for information. 

Search engine optimisation helps your small business website get found in organic (free) search engine results, which gives you the opportunity to generate more free website traffic, leads and sales.

SEO can help your small business get found by people who are actively looking to buy your products or services, as well as potential future customers who are not ready to buy just yet but who are looking for inspirational or educational content related to your area of expertise. Whilst SEO does not provide instant results, it can offer a high average return-on-investment (ROI) to business who are willing to invest in a consistent strategy (see this article for more info).  

Why Are Blogs Good for Marketing?

Blogging - and your website content more generally - are the biggest element of SEO. Getting your website discovered in the organic search results relies heavily on the consistent publication of engaging, valuable content. Blogs can help your SEO and your wider small business marketing efforts in several ways:

Blogs can allow your website to rank for more keywords and get found by more people. Not only can you rank for the products and services you offer, but you can also rank for questions related to your area of expertise. 

Not only does this make your small business more visible online, but it also helps you to build trust and credibility among your target audience. Your blog articles can help you establish yourself as a credible expert in your field, and build a rapport with your target audience before they are ready to buy. This can mean that when they are ready to buy, they are more likely to come straight to you rather than your competitors.

Finally, your blog articles can be shared and repurposed for various other marketing channels. Video, social media, podcasts and email campaigns can all be inspired by or used to share your blog content. This has the dual benefit of supporting your wider content marketing strategy and driving even more traffic to your website.

To find out more about how SEO and blogging could help your small business, book a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me today.

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