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5 Signs that it’s Time to Find an Equestrian Marketing Agency

Are you currently managing your own equestrian business marketing? Is it taking up too much of your time? Are you unhappy with your current marketing agency? Do you need someone who actually understands your equestrian business? Perhaps it’s time to find and equestrian marketing agency!

Five Signs That It’s Time to Find and Equestrian Marketing Agency:

  1. You just don’t have time to manage your own equestrian marketing

  2. You feel like your marketing just isn’t working

  3. Your current marketing agency don’t understand the equestrian industry

  4. Your current marketing agency don’t understand or appreciate your products or services

  5. You know you need to invest in your marketing, but just don’t know where to start

You Don’t Have Time to Manage Your Own Equestrian Marketing

This is a problem for most of my clients. They are so busy (and rightly so) with their core business that they don’t have time to plan a marketing strategy. Some don’t even find the time to write a few social media posts!

Enlisting the help of an equestrian marketing agency will save you a lot of time! At RH Equine Promotions, we take on the task of planning and executing your marketing strategy. We will assess your business aims and work with you to get more out of your marketing. Whether it’s social media, SEO, Google Ads or print marketing, we will save you valuable time whilst getting you excellent results.

You Feel Like Your Marketing Just Isn’t Working

Are your Facebook Ads failing to grow your audience? Is your website nowhere to be seen? Are you throwing hundreds at Google Ads or paid social, only for it to make no difference to your website traffic? If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to look for an equestrian marketing agency.

Our team at RH Equine Promotions combine marketing knowledge and experience with a passion and understanding for the equestrian industry. Our SEO and Google Ads specialist has over five years’ experience in SEO, Google Ads and website design and management. Since 2020, we have worked with a range of equestrian businesses needing help with their social media, website management, SEO and graphic design.

Your Current Marketing Agency Doesn’t Understand the Equestrian Industry

The equestrian industry is a unique and peculiar sector – there is nothing else like it! Whether it’s understanding the difference between a riding school and a livery yard, knowing what makes riders tick or how to sell to this very niche audience, a sound understanding of the equestrian industry is essential. If your current marketing agency doesn’t understand your audience, then they won’t get you very far.

Engaging a specialist equestrian marketing agency will mean the people managing your marketing will understand where to find your ideal audience and how to market to them. They will be able to empathise with your target clients and understand how your business could help them. This is invaluable when it comes to marketing in a niche sector.

Your Current Marketing Agency Don’t Understand or Appreciate Your Products or Services

So what if your arena surface is better for the horse’s legs? Why does it matter that your livery yard has a new rug drier? So what if your new product is the best treatment for Mud Fever? Why is it important that your product line is designed specifically for dressage riders and is of no interest to eventers? What’s the difference between a horse and a pony?

If you’ve ever been faced with these questions or simply felt that your current marketing agency just doesn’t “get it”, then it’s time to look for an equine marketing specialist. At RH Equine Promotions, we care about our clients’ businesses and are always fascinated to learn about your trade, products or services. We understand why your business is important to your clients and why your latest product is so exciting. We don’t know everything – and we’re happy to admit that – but we devote ourselves to continually learning about all parts of the industry (there’s a lot to cover!) and are keen to hear from you about your business and learn from your expertise. Our team’s professional development encompasses knowledge of the equestrian industry, as well as training for digital marketing courses and qualifications.

You Know You Need to Invest in Your Marketing, But You Just Don’t Know Where to Start

Marketing is a necessary investment for any equestrian business. Whether that’s in the form of print, social media or digital (ideally a mix of all three), your equestrian business will need to be marketed in order to be successful. It’s fine to not know where to start, but accepting and understanding that marketing is an essential part of running your equestrian business is vital.

At RH Equine Promotions, we work with a number of clients who are ready to invest in their equestrian businesses and take them to the next level, but just aren’t sure what exactly needs doing! We can guide you in planning your marketing strategy and will recommend which of our services would best suit your business and how.

Equestrian Marketing Specialist

If any of the points raised here apply to your equine business, contact us today! We would love to help your equestrian business make the most of marketing and grow. Feel free to book a free consultation to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide a free written proposal.

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