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How to Write a Meta Title for Your Equestrian Website

Meta titles, often known as SEO titles, are essential for your website’s SEO. However, many equine business owners aren’t sure what they are, why they are necessary or how to write them. Our handy guide shows you how to write a meta title for your equestrian business.

This guide covers:

What is a Meta Title?

A meta title helps search engines and search engine users understand what a website page is about. It provides an indication of what search engine users can expect to find on the page should they decide to click onto it.

You can see meta titles when you enter a search query into a search engine. The meta title is shown in blue or purple in Google Search results.

Note: If you have not specified a meta title for your website page, search engines will generate them automatically. However, this can negatively impact your SEO and automatically generated SEO titles will not perform as well as purpose-written titles. Do not assume that your website has optimised meta titles just because you can see them in Google!

How to Write a Meta Title for Your Equine Business Website

For best SEO results, you should write a different meta title for every page on your website. If you don’t write a meta title, search engines will generate one automatically based on the website page content. However, these may not be completely accurate and are unlikely to perform as well as purpose-written SEO titles.

Writing meta titles does not have to be difficult, but they can be fiddly. This is because you are subject to character limits (around 50-60 characters) and your meta title should contain your focus keyword for that page. Meta titles should be unique for each page, and they should also differ slightly from your H1.

Before you start writing your SEO titles, make sure you have carried out keyword research. See our article on How to Find Keywords for SEO for a more detailed guide on keyword research.

Once you have your keywords and have worked out which keyword you will focus on for each page, you can start writing your meta titles.

Meta Title Checklist

Your meta titles should fit all of the following criteria. Whilst it’s not always possible to nail each point exactly, you should aim to be as close as possible:

  1. 50-60 characters long

  2. Include the focus keyword for that page

  3. Be unique for each page

  4. Be (slightly) different from the H1 for that page

  5. Be relevant to the website page - does it accurately describe the purpose or subject of the page?

  6. Ideally, include your business name (can be paraphrased or shortened if necessary). This helps people to identify the website and remember your business

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