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What to Expect During your Equine Digital Marketing Consultation

Updated: Jun 5

When looking to work with us, your first port of call is to book a free equine digital marketing consultation. All consultations are held via Zoom or over the phone, and last around 45 minutes.

These initial consultations are really important because they allow us to learn a bit about your business, explain how we work and outline how we can help your equine business grow online. Free consultations also allow you and us to assess whether our businesses are a good fit for one another.

This blog article gives you an idea of what you can expect during your free equine marketing consultation with Purple Horse Marketing.

Before Your Equine Digital Marketing Consultation

You can book your free equine marketing consultation via the link – you will be asked to enter a few details, including a contact name and number, email address and your business name and website address. These details are needed for us to set up the call and carry out some initial research.

Prior to your consultation, we will have a look at your business website and run a couple of reports. These initial reports help us to understand how your website is currently performing in terms of SEO, as well as where there are areas for improvement. We use them, along with information gathered during the call, to suggest a package and create your proposal after the call.

During Your Equine Digital Marketing Consultation

Initial consultations are always taken by myself (Rhiannon). Sometimes, my resident PPC expert (Liam) will also attend.

We will ask you about your business. Topics may include your products or services, your turnover or profit, what you want to get out of your marketing and whether you have any specific issues or objectives. Understanding how your business works allows us to offer a more accurate solution.

We may ask you about your target market, your competitors and your website. For example, we like to know who built the website, when, and which CMS is being used.

Our SEO services are available as packages, ranging from our £100 Intro SEO Package for Yards & Freelancers, right up to our six- or twelve-month Grand Prix SEO Package. We also offer various bespoke solutions for PPC, SEO and equine website design. As part of the free consultation, we will usually recommend one of our packages, which can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

We do not require potential clients to agree to a service or sign a contract there and then. However, we will offer to email you a more detailed service proposal along with your reports after the consultation.  

Ask Questions!

Feel free to ask us any questions you have! We are happy to answer any questions about our services, and we are happy to recommend other equine marketing specialists in areas we don't work in (e.g. social media, PR, email marketing, graphic design).

After Your Equine Digital Marketing Consultation

We will provide a cost outline based on the service / package we recommend, and most of our packages can be tailored to suit individual requirements. If you are still interested and would like a free proposal and firm quote, then we will email this to you after the consultation (usually in 1-3 working days).

We may offer more than one option, and you are welcome to have a think and come back to us at a later date. We are always happy to take any questions you have about the proposal or the quote, and you are welcome to call or email us to discuss it. Please note that our proposals and quotes are valid for 21 days from the date stated.

Book your free, no-obligation equine marketing consultation with us today!

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