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Equine Advertising | Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid advertising tool that allows you to target specific keywords and drive more traffic to your website. Depending on your budget, a PPC campaign can deliver faster results than SEO. Discover how we can help your business with our equine advertising services.

Google Ads is a form of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) that helps to place your website higher up the search engine results. It is a useful way of targeting specific keywords or groups of keywords and getting results quickly. Many of our clients opt to have a combination of SEO and PPC to build their website's long-term performance whilst getting a head start on important keywords.

Our PPC service is led by our very own Google Ads expert, Liam. Liam is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and is currently working towards Chartered Marketer status.

We work with equine businesses with an Ad Spend budget from £500 per month. Our Google Ads management service starts from £300 per month on a minimum 3 month contract.

Our Equestrian Advertising Service

Our Google Ads service is tailored to suit your budget and requirements. We can advise you on a suitable budget, and our equine marketing specialists will set up your campaign and conversion tracking for you. Monthly reports and ongoing campaign optimisation are provided. We can also offer Microsoft Ads management services (which works on Bing in a similar way to how Google Ads works on Google).

equine advertising
1. Keyword Research & Budget

We start out by using specialist applications to find and select your target keywords. This will be used to calculate your recommended budget.

equestrian advertising

4. Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is an important part of gauging campaign performance. We will set up conversion tracking on your website.

equestrian advertising

2. Campaign Setup

We set up your Google Ads / Microsoft Ads campaign, including Ad Groups.

equine advertising

5. Launch Campaign

Once everything is set up, we will launch your Google Ads campaign for you. It will begin to run straight away.

equine advertising

3. Ad Copy

We write your ad copy to include keywords, Headings and Descriptions.

equestrian advertising

6. Campaign Optimisation

We will continually optimise your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads campaign to ensure it is delivering the best return on investment. This includes adding new keywords and blocking irrelevant search terms from the campaign.

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