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SEO Audit Service 

Discover How Your Website is Performing and How to Unlock The Power of SEO.

My one-off website SEO audit service helps small businesses understand how their website is performing in Google Search and how they can unlock the power of SEO. Includes an SEO website audit, report, bespoke, actionable recommendations and a 1:1 Zoom Power Hour.

Investment: £250 one-off

How Can a Website SEO Audit Service Help Your Small Business?

Globally, Google processes more than 3.7 billion searches every day. Websites that appear on the first page of search results receive almost 95% of website traffic, and around 75% of people never scroll past the first page of results. In order for your website to perform at its best, you want it to appear on that all-important first page for relevant search queries. 

The primary aim of SEO is to get your website found in search engines such as Google. By doing so, you can attract high-intent buyers to your website and build the all-important "know, love and trust" foundations that turn your target audience into loyal customers.

You may be considering bringing a freelancer or agency in to help your business get onto that all-important first page of Google. Or, you may be thinking about carrying out your own SEO work. Either way, search engine optimisation is a major investment in terms of time, effort and / or money. Therefore, having a clear roadmap is key to getting onto the path to success.

My website SEO Audit service is designed for small businesses wanting an insight into how their website is currently performing in the search engine landscape, and how they can take their online visibility to the next level. This one-off service gives you a solid foundation from which to take your SEO forwards, knowing that you are heading in the right direction.

About Me

Rhiannon, SEO & Content Consultant

I've been helping UK small business owners with their websites, SEO and written content since 2020. I want to help you transform your website into a free source of valuable content that promotes your business 24/7. If you want to be more visible in search engines, build trust and credibility among with you target audience and drive organic traffic, leads and sales, I am ready to help.

purple horse marketing seo audit service

Website SEO Audit Service | Package Details

My website SEO audit service comes in four parts:

1. Technical SEO Audit: I will use my preferred SEO monitoring programme, SE Ranking, to analyse your website's technical performance and keyword rankings.

2. Website SEO Report: I will interpret the audit data for you and aim to explain everything in plain English.

3. Bespoke, Actionable SEO Recommendations: I will provide you with a detailed, fully bespoke list of SEO recommendations that you can action to start improving your website's search engine performance.

4. SEO Power Hour: Finally, my Prelim SEO Audit includes a 1:1 Power Hour via Zoom, where I will answer any questions you have an help you outline an SEO strategy. 


All of this is available for a one-off investment!


So, if you want to get clear on how to use SEO to increase your website visibility, boost your traffic and grow your business online, my website SEO audit service is a great place to start! Purchase your Audit and book your 1:1 Power Hour today and I will send your Audit, Report and Recommendations via email before our meeting.​

SEO Audit Terms and Conditions:

By booking an SEO Audit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below.

The price of this service is £250. Payment is required in full and upfront at the time of booking. 

Once I have received payment, I will run your audit and send you your audit, report and recommendations to you via email prior to your pre-booked 1:1 Power Hour.

The maximum number of keywords covered by this service is 30. This number may be lower for some very niche businesses.

This service is suitable for businesses based and operating in the UK (equine and non-equine). This service covers one website per client, for Google Search in the UK only. Clients wishing to access this service must have a live website. I cannot provide this service to clients without a live website or those whose domain has expired.

The Power Hour included with this service is available via Zoom only and is available in accordance with my business hours and availability.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure the website remains live whilst I carry out the audit. Please ensure you have supplied me with all of the correct details as requested in the booking form.

The SEO Audit does not include any additional SEO work or consultancy beyond the supplied audit, report and call. As with all of my services, there is no guarantee of performance. There are no refunds.

Looking Get Started Right Now?

Explore my 1:1 SEO & Content Consultancy Package

I know that some small business owners are looking for intensive 1:1 SEO or content marketing consultancy, which is why I also offer s 3-month SEO and content consultancy package. If you are looking to work with a content consultant on a 1:1 intensive basis, why not explore some of my other options?

3-Month SEO & Content Marketing Consultancy | £2,250

Fully bespoke, intensive, 1:1 SEO and content marketing consultancy. Coaching, support and accountability for business owners who want to invest in taking their website content to the next level and get the most out of their blogs. Find out more about 1:1 SEO & Content Consultancy

Looking for Something Else?

Explore my Power Hours and Monthly Content Support Package from £99*

I know that many small business owners are looking for fully-flexible marketing packages, which is why I also offer a number of lower-ticket, affordable and flexible services. If you are looking to work with a content consultant on an affordable, flexible basis, why not explore some of my other options?

1:1 Power Hour | £99*

One whole hour of focused marketing support via Zoom. Book online or contact me to discuss your specific requirements. Perfect for new small business owners, freelancers and artisans who just need a little bit of help with a specific area. Find out more about 1:1 Power Hours

Monthly Content Support | £99* per month | rolling monthly contract

For small business owners who just don't have time to write their own blogs, who don't know what to blog about, or who tend to procrastinate when it comes to content. I will help you to get your monthly blog written! I'll help you choose a topic, and do the keyword research and planning for you. Then, you fill in the blanks and hand the content back to me for search engine optimisation and final tweaks. Includes a 30 minute call each month to plan and discuss strategy, keyword research, topic selection, a custom blog plan and blog optimisation and feedback.  Find out more about Monthly Content Support

*Price correct May 2024. Please refer to individual service pages for current pricing.

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