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Blogs and Pinterest: The Perfect Partners!

In this article, you will discover how you can increase blog traffic with Pinterest, so you can drive even more traffic to your small business website and grow your audience. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about Pinterest is that it is another social media platform. It isn’t, it’s a visual search engine. People go to Pinterest to find solutions to problems and for inspiration. They create their vision boards on Pinterest; they design their homes on Pinterest; they find the perfect gift for their mum on Pinterest. Pinterest is a search engine, so it wants to connect people who have a problem with someone who can provide a solution. Unlike many of the social media platforms, whose intention is to keep you on the app, Pinterest wants to help you drive traffic to your website or landing pages.  

So, how can you use Pinterest to grow your blog, drive traffic to your website and build your small business online?

Eyes on your Website: Pinterest for SEO!

One of the best ways to help drive traffic to your website is through providing helpful advice and that can be done through creating blogs. Using Pinterest for SEO purposes can give your business a double-dose of search engine visibility! 

You don’t just need to promote your products and services on Pinterest, blogs are the perfect way to introduce people to your website via the platform. Once someone has clicked on a “pin” and then through to your website to read your blog, they have the information they need, and may decide that they want to see what other information that you can provide, or have a look around your website, which could lead to them becoming more invested by following you on Pinterest or a social media platform, or even immediately becoming a customer. Sound familiar? This is very similar to how you can use blogs to drive traffic to your website via Google Search! 

During a recent conversation with a fellow business owner about Pinterest, she said that she had created an educational pin about how to make a certain type of material more wearable. This became one of her most popular pins and generated a high volume of click-throughs to her website to read the full article. Once a potential customer reached her blog, she used photographs of her products as visual aids to support the article and encourage people to go to her online shop to locate the items that they had seen.  

Next time you are on Pinterest note how many of the pins in your feed are helpful and have a link to a blog where you can read more about the subject, you’re going to be surprised! 

Another thing to remember is that Pinterest pins can be indexed by Google, meaning they can “rank” (i.e. appear in Google Search results) for relevant keywords. Pinterest pins can rank in Google Search and Google Image Search, which is great for informational (e.g. how-tos) and visual (e.g. fashion inspiration) content. Plus, backlinks from Pinterest to your website can also help your website SEO.

increase blog traffic with pinterest
By regularly publishing optimised pins that send people to your blog, you can drive traffic to your website and boost your SEO with Pinterest.

How Many Pins Should You Create?

Pinterest does work better for you when you create a higher volume of content, so the minimum that you should be posting each month is 30 pins.  Now that might sound overwhelming! But it’s a lot quicker to create 30 pins than to create 20 pieces of content for a platform such as Instagram, where you need to create a variety of formats to get the most out of the platform and get better reach. 

Pins are single image posts and they are still the most popular form of content on Pinterest. There are some quick and easy hacks to help you create a high volume of content and you can also repurpose content from your social media accounts. 

Other Ways Blogs can Support your Social Media Accounts

Blogs also have a benefit on other social media platforms too. You can use your blogs as inspiration to create content to answer common questions for your business or within your industry for platforms such as Instagram, and you can create multiple variations of content taking inspiration from your blogs, creating shorter versions of your long form content and then sign-posting people to read your full articles. 

You can use social media stories to find out what people are struggling with and then you can create blogs to answer those questions. It’s always important to remember that we do not own any of the social media or search engine platforms that we use, but we do own our websites and our mailing lists. At any time, we could lose access to our social media accounts, so the more you can do to encourage people to head to your website or join your mailing list the better. Creating content that nurtures relationships with followers and showcases your expertise through platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram is a vital component to help you to drive traffic to your website and blogs should be considered as a key element of your content strategy. 

If you need help getting started with creating blogs, Rhiannon at Purple Horse Marketing has created an online self-study course just for small business owners! You can also follow Rhiannon on Pinterest @purplehorseUK and Instagram @purplehorsemarketing 

Pinterest and Instagram Support and Management with Grand Prix Socials

Emily of Grand Prix Socials is a social media manager and trainer, who specialises in Pinterest and Instagram: the polarity of the platforms creates the perfect digital marketing combination for many businesses. 

Emily’s clients call her their social media fairy 🧚‍♀️ godmother as she helps them create more time and headspace by taking over their Pinterest and Instagram accounts for them and teaches people how to learn and leverage their accounts to make more sales and better connections.

Head to the Grand Prix Socials website to learn more or follow Emily on Instagram and Pinterest @Grandprixsocials. 

Give it a Go: Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

So, now you know how you can grow your blog with Pinterest, use Pinterest for SEO and support your social media marketing efforts with your blogs, why not give it a go? You can get started by going DIY, but if you need help or want to maximise your Pinterest + blogging partnership, then we have a wealth of expertise between us to help you do just that!


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