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Purple Horse Marketing

Business & Marketing Planners, Courses & Services for Small Businesses

My passion is helping small, independent, equestrian and artisan businesses get found online. With an estimated 63,000 search queries every second, it makes sense for your small business to be visible in Google Search. Through my SEO audits, courses and planners, I aim to help you get your website - and your business - found online. 

About Purple Horse

The Purple Horse brand covers Purple Horse Marketing, Purple Horse Planners and Purple Horse Marketing Academy. 

Purple Horse Marketing is where you will find my blog and information and bookings for my services. My blog focuses specifically on SEO for equine businesses, but horsey business owners in all sectors are likely to find the articles both informative and relatable. Each month, I have a small number of SEO Audit slots available to all small businesses. 

Purple Horse Planners is my e-commerce business. Since 2021, I have created planners, journals and other stationery products specifically for the equestrian market. My range is gradually expanding to include products for small business owners, including my flagship Business Planner.

Purple Horse Marketing Academy is the latest addition to the Purple Horse brand. The Academy emerged from my desire to help small business owners - horsey and non-horsey - take advantage of what SEO has to offer without having to invest in a six-month service contract. I aim to cut through the fluff and help small business owners understand how to get found in Google Search simply by sharing their passion and expertise with the world. My debut course, Getting Found Online in 2024: The Future of SEO, is completely free to all.

My Products & Services

SEO Audits

My SEO Audit service is ideal for businesses who want bespoke, 1:1 guidance on getting found in search engines. This package includes an audit, report, recommendations and a power hour with me. Limited slots available each month.

Guides & Planners

The Purple Horse brand includes Purple Horse Planners, where small or equine business owners can shop for business planners, marketing guides and more. My flagship business planners are available to order from September each year.

Equine & Small Business

Marketing Courses

For marketing on a budget, check out my equine and small business marketing courses. Programmes include my FREE course on the Getting Found Online in 2024: The Future of SEO. 

Equine Business & Marketing Guides

My blog is the place to start if you are looking for free, expert help on getting your equestrian business website seen in Google. Whilst these articles are aimed at the equestrian sector, they are also very useful to horsey small business owners in other sectors. To help explain many of the concepts, I have used horsey analogies and examples, which equestrians may find more relatable.

Contact Purple Horse Marketing

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