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Equestrian Business & Marketing Guides

Welcome to the Purple Horse Marketing Guides! Here, you will find a wealth of guides and articles written especially for equine business owners who want to learn more about how to grow online.


Dive into a wealth of knowledge as we demystify Google Search, provide expert SEO insights and offer SEO and content marketing strategy help. All of our guides are tailored for equine businesses, but are also ideal for business owners who happen to be equestrians!

About the Author: Rhiannon Harradine

Rhiannon is the founder of Purple Horse and she produces all of the content you find here. An equine marketing consultant since 2020 and owner of the Purple Horse brand, Rhiannon has experience across small business marketing, e-commerce, social media, PPC and SEO. Rhiannon's specialism is search engine optimisation (SEO) and through her guides, courses and planners, she aims to help owners of small, independent or equine businesses unlock the power of Google Search. 


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