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1:1 SEO Power Hour

Affordable ad-hoc SEO and content marketing consultancy for small businesses

My 1:1 power hours are for small business owners that want an affordable burst of clarity on their SEO strategy. Whether you want to brainstorm blog ideas, get answers about SEO, or draft your three-month blog strategy, this one-off service is for you.

Investment: £99 per hour

Book Your 1:1 Power Hour

Book your 1:1 Power Hour via the button below. Please note that this service is for the 1:1 Power Hour only and it does not include any audits or reports. For my SEO Audit Service (which includes a Power Hour), please visit my SEO Audits page.

  • Available Online

    1 hr

    99 British pounds

Power Hour Details

Who is this offer for?

My 1:1 Power Hours are for small business owners who need specific, focused, ad-hoc support with SEO, content marketing, or blogging.

What is included in the Power Hour?

One hour of 1:1 marketing coaching / consultancy via Zoom.

What is the investment?


What Can We Do In a Power Hour Session?

I specialise in search engine optimisation, which essentially means helping businesses get found in Google Search. This covers a range of topics, including (written) content marketing, technical SEO, Shopify SEO, Wix SEO, WordPress SEO, and content repurposing. 

When you book your Power Hour, I will get in touch to ask you if there is anything in particular you want to cover. If needed, I'll take a look at your website to familiarise myself with your business before our call. Bring a notepad and pen, as well as any questions to the call.

During your Power Hour, some of the things we could cover might include:

  • Brainstorming blog topics

  • Planning a blog article for you to write

  • Optimising a blog article for SEO

  • Adding calls-to-action (CTAs) to your blog article and linking it back to your business

  • Drafting a 3-month blog or SEO strategy

  • Repurposing a blog article by turning it into social media content

  • Brainstorming ideas for how to repurpose a blog article 

  • Showing you how to compress and optimise your website images

  • Showing you how to write SEO Titles or Descriptions, optimised headings and more

  • SEO basics for your business 

  • How you could use SEO or blogging to gain visibility, trust or sales

  • Gathering a list of keywords that you could use for your website

  • Support with using / interpreting Yoast for WordPress

  • Shopify SEO

  • Wix SEO

  • Seasonal SEO - e.g. preparing for Christmas or other key seasons for your business

Some tasks / topics may require me to do some preparations beforehand so please let me know if you have something in mind. If you are unsure as to whether I can help, please feel free to contact me before booking to ask.

Topics I Cannot Help You With

Whilst I have a fair understanding of a wide range of SEO / content marketing topics, I definitely do not know everything! Some of the topics I won't cover include but are not limited to:

  • Anything to do with video!

  • Email marketing

  • PR

  • Paid advertising including Google Ads / Facebook Ads although I can provide advice on how you could use these as part of a wider strategy to complement SEO

  • Social media - I can support you with bridging the gap between your blogs / website and social media, but I can't help you with hashtags, reels or trending audio!

  • General business strategy

  • Google Analytics

  • Advertising laws and guidelines (e.g. VMD)

  • Coding

There are plenty of fantastic service providers, coaches and consultants out there who can help you with these topics!

Contact Purple Horse Marketing

01635 898 001

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