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SEO & Content Consultancy

Bespoke SEO and content marketing support to drive organic visibility and sales

What does your website actually do? Does it just sit there, floating in the Google wilderness? Or is it merely a means of processing orders? Are you relying on paid advertising for visibility and sales? Your website can be so much more than your digital business card or online shop window! My flagship 1:1 SEO & Content Consultancy service is for business owners who want specialist, independent support, guidance, and accountability with their SEO, blogging and written content marketing strategy. I will help you strategise, create and optimise content for your website and blog, so you can transform your website into a cost-effective source of traffic, leads and sales. This high-level content consultancy package is perfect for SMEs, professional service providers and growing e-commerce businesses seeking a partnership with an independent SEO and content consultant.

Investment: £2,250 or £750 PCM for 3 months. Available to a maximum of 3 clients at any one time. Please book a free discovery call to get started.

Content Consultancy

The most important element of your website is the written content - the copy used on your landing pages, service pages, product descriptions and blog articles help to drive audience awareness, encourage buyer trust and consideration and cinch the sale or enquiry. By planning, creating and optimising high-quality, engaging content that connects with your target audience at all stages of the buyer journey, you are helping to transform your website into an asset that will market and sell your offers for you. 

As part of this high-level, bespoke SEO & Content Consultancy package, my clients receive strategic support and guidance with planning, writing and optimising website page content, pillar pages and blog articles that allow their websites to get found, build their credibility and convert visitors into customers. 

SEO Consultancy 

Here's the really important bit! For your website content to have the best possible chance of getting found by your target audience, it needs to be optimised for search engines. Even the most well-written, impactful, made-to-convert copy won't be visible to your target audience without SEO. This is why I combine written content marketing with SEO consultancy, and as an independent SEO consultant, helping my clients get found on Google Search is my area of expertise.

So, this package comes with bespoke SEO strategy, including keyword research, competitor monitoring, auditing and on-page and technical SEO.

This package offers the ultimate combination of written content marketing and technical SEO expertise to help you transform your website into a visible, effective driver of organic search engine traffic, leads and sales.

1:1 Content Consultancy | Package Details

Who is this package for?

Growing, UK-based businesses who want to invest in long-term online visibility and growth. This package is for businesses that require independent SEO and content marketing consultancy, as well as busy professional service providers who want a regular sounding board, support and advice on SEO, blogging and written content. I work with clients in any sector; B2B or B2C, products-based or service-based.

What is included?

This package is here to support growing businesses who require independent, specialist, 1:1 support and consultancy for their SEO, blogs and (written) content marketing. This package includes:

  • Approximately 10 hours per month of my time to carry out any relevant tasks, including your 1:1 calls

  • 1:1 Zoom calls to discuss the direction of travel, plan campaigns, agree tasks and share feedback and ideas

  • Support with SEO, blogging and written content strategy

  • Keyword research, content optimisation and regular website auditing

  • Support with backlinks and writing guest blogs / advertorial

  • Competitor research and monitoring

  • Reviewing and optimising website content and blog articles

  • Support with integrating SEO and blogging into your wider marketing strategy

  • Support with blog content ideas

  • Support with repurposing blog content for social media

  • Creation of custom blog templates, helping you save time and write better blog articles

  • Accountability, support and forward-planning

  • Technical SEO support

  • Ad-hoc blog and content writing

  • Liaising with marketing-related service providers, freelancers, etc.

This package can be tailored to suit your unique requirements, so please book a Discovery Call to find out more and see if we can work together. I may be able to offer something that isn't listed here, so feel free to ask.

What is not included?

This is my flagship content consultancy package, and I have very limited availability. It is a coaching, consultancy and support package, and not a fully-managed done-for-you service. However, I can include done-for-you elements such as blog writing and keyword research on a bespoke or ad-hoc basis. If you are unsure as to whether this package is for you, please feel free to book a Discovery Call to discuss your requirements.

What is the availability?

I have a maximum of 3 spaces available on this package at any one time. As of June 2024, I have space to take one new client on from 1st August.

What is the investment?

The investment is £750 per month, for a 3-month contract. That's £2,250 for three months of 1:1 SEO and content marketing support and consultancy!

About Me

Rhiannon, Independent SEO & Content Consultant

I've been helping UK business owners with their websites, SEO and written content since 2020. I want to help you transform your website into a cost-effective marketing channel and a valuable asset that promotes your business organically 24/7.


If you want to be more visible in search engines, build trust and credibility among with your target audience and drive more traffic, leads and sales, I am ready to help.

As an independent content consultant, I support businesses with SEO strategy, content creation and content optimisation. I can help you utilise your niche expertise, unique insights and experience to create engaging, visible content that can be used again and again.

Among my client results is increasing website traffic for a service-based business by 400% in two years, taking them from below 1,000 monthly visits to over 5,000, 75% of which was via SEO.


How Can Content Consultancy Help Your Business?

Written content and SEO (search engine optimisation) are great ways to build online visibility, credibility and sales for your business. However, they are often under-utilised. Your website is so much more than an online shop window, or a platform to process orders. It can be a marketing channel in itself, which you can use to educate, connect with and grow your audience and turn strangers into loyal customers. 

Growing your business online isn't all about paid advertising, viral videos or being on every social media platform. Longer-form content, that answers your target audience's questions, offers inspiration or provides motivation can help you to transform your website into a source of high-intent traffic, engaged leads and consistent sales.

By combining engaging website content with the right keywords and technical SEO know-how, you can also help drive more organic (free) website traffic to your website from search engines such as Google. 

As a freelance content consultant, I know that the best person to talk about your offers is you. My content consultancy service is there to help you utilise your offers, USPs and niche expertise to generate online visibility, website traffic and credibility for your business. This is not a fully-managed, outsourced marketing service, but a two-way collaborative partnership through which I support you in strategising, creating and optimising your SEO and written content. When our initial 3-month partnership is up, you can either renew with me to continue honing your skills and benefit from my ongoing support, or you can take what you have learned and continue solo.

To get started, please book a free, no-obligation discovery call - spaces on this offer are very limited as I prefer to work closely with a small number of clients at any one time.

If you're not quite ready to book a free discovery call, you can can find out how content marketing consultancy  and SEO can drive more organic visibility and sales for your business with my Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Consultancy. In this guide, I outline how an independent content consultant could be a fantastic investment in your business, as well as how you can use content marketing and SEO to drive online growth.

Book Your Free Discovery Call

Looking for Flexible Content Consultancy?

Explore my Power Hours and Monthly Content Support from £99*

I know that many small business owners are looking for fully-flexible content consultancy or coaching packages, which is why I also offer a number of lower-ticket, affordable and flexible services. If you are looking to work with a content consultant on a more flexible basis, why not explore some of my other options?

1:1 Power Hour | £99*

One whole hour of focused SEO or content marketing support via Zoom. Book online or contact me to discuss your specific requirements. Perfect for new business owners, freelancers and artisans who just need a little bit of help with a specific area. Find out more about 1:1 Power Hours

Monthly Content Support | £99* per month | rolling monthly contract

For small business owners who just don't have time to write their own blogs, who don't know what to blog about, or who tend to procrastinate when it comes to content. I will help you to get your monthly blog written! I'll help you choose a topic, and do the keyword research and planning for you. Then, you fill in the blanks and hand the content back to me for search engine optimisation and final tweaks. Includes a 30 minute call each month to plan and discuss strategy, keyword research, topic selection, a custom blog plan and blog optimisation and feedback.  Find out more about Monthly Content Support

*Price correct June 2024. Please refer to individual service pages for current pricing.

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